With its agile approach, unrivalled experience and regulatory authority, Lucid is uniquely positioned to assist its clients.

Deal Management

Lucid provides tailored consulting on the practicalities and technicalities of dealing with the International Central Securities Depositaries, Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Banking, as well as local depositaries such as DTC, Clearstream Frankfurt, Iberclear and Interbolsa and many more. Our services are targeted to encourage maximum participation in any Issuer initiative. Lucid advises on how to best make use of information technology to ensure that a transaction is completed successfully.

Exchange, Tender & Tabulation Agent Services

Lucid provides a turnkey solution for exchange offers, tender offers and consent solicitations. Pre-launch, Lucid assists in drafting transaction documentation to ensure that the mechanics comply with clearing system procedures. Post-launch, Lucid acts as information and tabulation agent, working in tandem with any appointed dealer manager or solicitation agent, if any, distributes event documentation to bondholders, answers questions, provides real time reporting on feedback and uptake to the working group, organises and oversees settlement.

Online Services

We appreciate that the path to communicating with bondholders is complex. Lucid has established a solid relationship with all major brokers and custodians worldwide. Upon launch, we pro-actively contact those entities to ensure that they are aware of the transaction and how to respond in a timely fashion. Throughout the transaction, Lucid provides dedicated telephone and email support and answers any questions eligible investors, brokers and custodians may have.

Escrow Agency Services

Lucid is authorised to arrange safeguarding and administration of client assets and money and the firm is acting as escrow agent in various complex transactions. We offer a tailor-made service that fits the needs of the relevant project.

Proxy Services

Lucid attends and votes in accordance with the instructions received from bondholders as proxy at bondholder and scheme meetings.

Listing Services

Lucid acts as listing agent for securities listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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Lucid takes a pro-active, bespoke approach, comprehensively supporting issuers to promote maximum participation in any transaction. Our experience with consent solicitations, tender and exchange offers, bondholder identification and communications, complex Schemes of Arrangement and consensual restructurings helps our clients overcome the many barriers to successful Issuer initiatives.